Gnowsis wins 3rd place at ESTC 2009 Innovation Seed Camp

We WON! 3rd priceWe are very happy to announce that has won the 3rd price at this year's ESTC Innovation Seedcamp! A big thank you to the jury, and congratulations to the winners Collibra and flimmit! at ESTC Innovation Seed Camp will participate at the 2009 ESTC Innovation Seed Camp together with a fine selection of current Semantic Web-related startups from all over Europe. We are looking forward to seeing you there; if you want to meet us during the conference please contact us.

People need tools to write down information, we are working on them and will give a preview on what we do at the ESTC 2009 conference in Vienna - and you can get a special discount on the entrance fee to talk to us.

PIM is the Killer App of the Semantic Web

In a recent interview Tim Berners-Lee not only stated that HTTP URIs could have been designed without the double slashes at the beginning (with which I actually disagree: it adds uniqueness and recognizabillity to the whole thing), another important fact somehow gets missing in this interview: when asked to explain the Semantic Web in a nutshell, Tim gives concrete examples of a navigation system in your car that is aware of your calendar and knows where to take you to your next appointment. - now hosted by netmonic

Netmonic, an Austrian internet service provider, held a competition in the past, in which the price for the winner were cloud services for a year, for startups based in Austria. at webinale and on tiburon-tv

At this years "webinale" web 2.0 conference in Berlin, Leo Sauermann gave a talk about Semantic Web and had the time to talk about

Viktoria Trosien from tiburon-tv interviewed Leo Sauermann about the core idea about our startup, read Viktoria's article and watch the video, Sian-Ru Lai interviewed us also.

Open Positions and Co-Founders

We are hiring - and we search for more co-founders. Read our "join the team" page for our three open positions:

  • Corporate Design and Communications,
  • Web 2.0 Development,
  • Semantic Desktop Developer

Get your CV together, pimp your linkedin profile, and get in touch with us. is going to incubate

Although not official yet, we are able to brake the news that the Viennese Incubator is going to support our startup company On Friday, 27.2.2009, the business plan and product was presented to the project advisory board of inits by our founders Leo Sauermann and Bernhard Schandl.

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