Summer Coding Internship: You, Dropbox, Google+Refinder

You are interested in Dropbox, Google, and the world of cloud apps? You want to contribute to the “next big thing”? We are building Refinder, integrating all these cloud apps. Come and join us for this journey.

Webinar: Teamwork with Refinder and Dropbox

Live Webinar: 5.6.2012, 15:00 (Berlin Time)

"Teamwork with Refinder and Dropbox"
with Chris Brand

Are you using Dropbox within your team? Would you like to learn how to connect Refinder to Dropbox to search your files and share with team members?  Join this webinar to learn all this and more.

Refinder at Berlin Web Week and NEXT Berlin

We were in Berlin to connect to more people interested in Refinder. It was a blast, BerlinWebWeek is the overarching label across the great conferences re:publica, NEXTBerlin, and Heureka. Whoever is online in Europe was there.

Leo Sauermann from Refinder will be present at the "Konferenz Agenda Wissen" this week in Vienna, Austria. We will talk about Personal Information Management and how it changes through cloud services. 

Manfred Kofranek will host a discussion about Personal Information Management on Thursday, where Leo will talk with Elke Ziegler from and the writer Julia Rabinowich.

Yes, I remember the cloudless days, when I started to work digitally. Digital work at that time was centered around a quintessential tool, the personal computer.

Eurovision Song Contest - A Worst Of

Eurovision Song Contest - A Worst Of

On Saturday we will have the event once again...the 57th Eurovision Song Contest will be held - in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Reason enough for us here at Refinder to make a great collection about the worst, most embarrasing or simply funniest songs and performances that the Song Contest has ever seen.

Collection of the worst Song Contest Songs at Refinder

Meet Refinder at the SmartWeb.Vienna Conference on 24.5.2012

There is a new generation of smarter products and services available. Smart Web Vienna is raising public awareness and presents innovative solutions to interested companies in workshops and a one-day summit on Thursday, 24.5.2012.

Do you use Dropbox or Google Docs to share data in your team? You will be able to meet Leo Sauermann and Chris Brand from Refinder, who will be happy to work with you on the way you use cloud applications in your team. We will also give a talk about Refinder in the afternoon.

The creative solitude of online collaboration

In her best-selling book "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can´t Stop Talking", the author, Susan Cain, challenges the suitability of collaboration as a means to produce great creativity outcomes or good decision making.

How is a cloud service like Refinder connected to its users? Via the internet, of course. But that leaves an interesting point for the U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) authority.

About "cloud productivity"

While Leo and Bernhard attended the Nextberlin conference, they tweeted about Refinder using the term "cloud productivity". What did they mean? I want to give it my interpretation:

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