GoPro Contest - Thanks For Your Submissions!

Wow! Our GoPro Contest is over and we want to thank all of our participants for taking part!

We received a dozen submissions from a variety of firms like startups, movie production company, marketing agencies - we were surprised by the diversity. Moreover, it was interesting to see what use different people found for Refinder.

If it was the organization of bookmarks by the booklet, exchanging Dropbox files to get a better overview or commenting in Refinder instead of within Google Docs documents, the uses were many.

New Refinder Features: Collection Explorer and Shoutbox

We are very happy to release two features today that will greatly simplify the way you share and discover information in Refinder: the Collection Explorer as well as the Shoutbox.

The Collection Explorer

Inviting your team to a collection

A collection for a project or your team starts to become really useful when you invite people to join it. They give you a secure project or communication space where only invited members have access. Everyone invited to a collection can read all data and comments in a collection. You can configure whether people can write into a collection. Only the collection creator can invite people and remove them from the collection, also the creator can remove any content from a collection "to clean it up". 

Refinder und Evernote: Perfekt für Projekte!

Evernote trifft auf Projekte in Refinder! Sie haben einen Wissenschatz auf Evernote gesammelt? All Ihre Ideen und Dokumente sind dort? Großartig! Wir haben Refinder ( entwickelt um Ihnen einen sicheren Projektraum zu bieten in dem Sie Ideen aus all Ihren Cloud-Anwendungen teilen können. 

Refinder For Evernote: Perfect Your Projects

Evernote meets projects in Refinder! You have piled an information treasure in Evernote? All your ideas and documents are there? Great! Go and share your experience with your team! We have created Refinder ( to give you a secure project room where you can share ideas from all your cloud apps.

New feature: tagging


Refinder has just released a new feature that now allows you to add tags to things inside Refinder. Moreover, you can then easily search and filter things via these tags.

The tagging function

Open Position: Marketing Director of Refinder

We are looking for a marketing director for Refinder. Refinder changes the way people work with cloud apps: projects that were spread over Dropbox, Google Docs, and other apps can now be integrated. Users reduce their email overflow, find information easier, stay on track what the team does, increase productivity. You are the one who will manage the way how professional cloud users will learn about Refinder.

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