Presents for Mother's Day

If you are looking for a present for your mom for mother's day, get inspired by Refinder. I searched through my cloud services for my mom and found Google Calendar entries and notes, giving me a good idea what to do next.

I used Refinder to search for my mom - to get a quick inspiration what I could give her for mother's day. The most results came when searching for "mama", which is what I write down when I speak of her in my Google Calendar, Dropbox, and Evernote(s).

About "cloud productivity"

While Leo and Bernhard attended the Nextberlin conference, they tweeted about Refinder using the term "cloud productivity". What did they mean? I want to give it my interpretation:

Socialize your findings!

Socialize your findings!

Chances are high that you have some tool to remember the things you stumble upon, be it blog posts, tweets, news articles, infographics, and more. Having such a tool gives you the confidence that you will be able to retrieve interesting items later when you need to get back to them.

Chief Executive Thierry Breton realised that the 40 year old email system at place today is not the adequate tool for the staff of his 75.000 staff at Atos SA and plans to ban internal email within 18 months, upgrading it to a social software (like Refinder).

Email Overload: Focus on "Business Critical" Emails

Does email overload exist, and if yes, what affects it? David Sumeckia, Maxwell Chipulua, and Udechukwu Ojiakoa asked 1100 employees of a multinational technology firm and found out that there is a connection between non-critical emails and email overload. 

Collect to organize, search as last resort

As unique as each person is, so is each personal library. People organize information they need on a daily basis in what could be called a "personal library". Studies about personal search engines showed, that such a personal library is not only for storing, but also for organizing your daily work. If your library is well structured, you get an overview on your projects and current tasks. This is why structure is needed to organize the collected information, and a search engine to dig through a pile is not enough.

Are you a spring-cleaner or more a frequent-filer when it comes down to emails? And do you know what's a temperature of a task? A recently published study provides some interesting findings about re-finding of emails in the daily information overlaod. 

Remember this Year: Appreciating what Happened

This Friday, Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus. In Austria, where our offices are, Christmas time is also a time of peace and reflection. Soon, the year will end and a new year starts. The holidays between Christmas and New Year are a perfect moment to reflect about the last year, appreciate what happened, and plan for the next. Here are some tips how to look back, clean up, and make it a habit.

It's about time: leave your box, follow the links

How many web accounts do you own? Do you use a public email service like GMail or Yahoo? Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Did you ever notice that you are dealing with the same projects, people, and topics in all these applications?

21 Files towards efficiency

Trust me, I am a computer scientist. And I can share great news with you: you will perform much faster if you keep up to 21 files in a folder, not more. Keeping up to 21 files in a folder will do the following:

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