The Power of URLs (or: addresses for your information)

One thing that tech people working in the Web area are familiar with are URLs — the so-called Uniform Resource Locators. A URL is basically a short piece of text that uniquely identifies something, and if two parties are exchanging such an URL everyone knows what the other party is referring to.

Remember this Year: Appreciating what Happened

This Friday, Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus. In Austria, where our offices are, Christmas time is also a time of peace and reflection. Soon, the year will end and a new year starts. The holidays between Christmas and New Year are a perfect moment to reflect about the last year, appreciate what happened, and plan for the next. Here are some tips how to look back, clean up, and make it a habit.

Refinder is an alternative to

Looking for an alternative for your Delicious account? I am! I have been a Delicious user since 27. April 2006, and there is news that Yahoo plans to shut down the service.

Isabella Mader from Donau University Krems blogs about Refinder

Isabella Mader who teaches Knowlegde Management at the Donau University Krems, wrote recently a blog post about Gnowsis, Refinderand  the story behind it.

Gnowsis at Softwarepark Hagenberg Award 2010

Photo of Gnowsis Team Winning the PriceGnowsis won 3rd price in the Softwarepark Hagenberg competition for Software quality. We entered our user-centered software creation process. Based on interviews, scenarios, and personas we drive our product Refinder forward. Thanks to the sponsors!

Release of Refinder BETA

Yesterday (1st December 2010) was the day - Gnowsis introduced the BETA Version of its personal semantic assistant Refinder

Gnowsis in this years top 100 start-up list

Gnowsis has been ranked 25th in this years top 100 list of Austrian start-ups (GEWINN Jungunternehmer-Award) and is among the top 3 in the category "idea of the year"!


How Does Gnowsis Relate to NEPOMUK and Others?

We are close to releasing a Beta-Version of our software Cluug, about which you will read more in future blogposts. While we at Gnowsis are busy making this happen, there is time to compare Gnowsis with others and explain what we do differently and why.


To sum it up: Cluug is a semantic personal information management system developed by Gnowsis which runs as a cloud service. The ancestors and siblings differ in one or another point. This blog posts compares Cluug with the stuff done in the past.

Gnowsis Naming Competition - thank you!

Dear Gnowsis Fan,

The naming competition for Cluug is over, polls closed on Sunday evening 8pm Vienna time. is the winner with 48 votes,
Gratulations to Melvin Carvalho for submitting this idea!

Gnowsis at STARTup Lounge event and in Die Presse (newspaper)

Few days ago, CEO Leo Sauermann successfully pitched at the STARTup Lounge event organized by INiTS and STARTeurope. Together with 12 other promising start-ups, he presented Gnowsis's vision and business model to potential investors. 

Have a look at the article in Die Presse (Austrian newspaper) published this weekend giving a summary about the event (and Gnowsis :) )

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