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Basecamp, Box, SkyDrive work together with Refinder

We are happy to announce that we have just added 3 new integrations to Refinder. Now you can also connect your Basecamp classic, Box or SkyDrive account. This works for Refinder Cloud Search or for Refinder for Teams.

The Refinder Cloud Search API

Refinder Cloud Search Logo

Today, I'm happy to introduce another fine piece of Refinder technology, which allows any developer to easily add cloud search functionality to his applications: the Refinder Cloud Search API.  

App-ocalypse on Techcrunch

Sarah Perez from Techcrunch was right to complain about the state of the mobile apps world. We are getting to our limit when downloading more apps to our mobile phones. Most of these apps are not used regularly. Moreover, we cannot find the information we need.


Search is more important than apps

thinkinsights beta with Google

Smartphones are about apps, right? However, Google says that users value searching more than apps (Mobile Movement Study).

Here comes the data:

“Smartphones serve as pocket PCs and extend desktop experience.”
Source: think insights with Google

Refinder For Evernote: Perfect Your Projects

Evernote meets projects in Refinder! You have piled an information treasure in Evernote? All your ideas and documents are there? Great! Go and share your experience with your team! We have created Refinder ( to give you a secure project room where you can share ideas from all your cloud apps.

Dropbox feature added for Refinder

Dear users of Refinder,

we are very excited to announce to you the release of our newest feature: Refinder is now finally able to integrate your Dropbox account into your Refinder account.

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