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Export your data from Refinder for Teams

There is a new feature in "Refinder for Teams": exporting your data. You get a ZIP file containing all uploaded files and data you entered into Refinder.

The data is contained in one big XML file, which you can use to extract the data you need. Files will be included in the export. To get started, click on your account and export your data:

Windows Explorer and Microsoft Outlook used to be the daily hotspot for most knowledge workers. With collaboration and file storage moving to the cloud, new tools are replacing and outpowering Outlook and Explorer. That is why we are switching off these classical integrations for Refinder to integrate new cloud apps for you.

Just about 5 years ago the office looked different. You would manage your contacts, share a calendar entry and send out e-mails via Outlook. You used to search, copy or save your files on the local PC and find them in Windows Explorer.

New Refinder Features: Collection Explorer and Shoutbox

We are very happy to release two features today that will greatly simplify the way you share and discover information in Refinder: the Collection Explorer as well as the Shoutbox.

The Collection Explorer

Inviting your team to a collection

A collection for a project or your team starts to become really useful when you invite people to join it. They give you a secure project or communication space where only invited members have access. Everyone invited to a collection can read all data and comments in a collection. You can configure whether people can write into a collection. Only the collection creator can invite people and remove them from the collection, also the creator can remove any content from a collection "to clean it up". 

Refinder For Evernote: Perfect Your Projects

Evernote meets projects in Refinder! You have piled an information treasure in Evernote? All your ideas and documents are there? Great! Go and share your experience with your team! We have created Refinder (getRefinder.com) to give you a secure project room where you can share ideas from all your cloud apps.

New feature: link things to comments

Refinder has just released a new feature that allows you to link from comments you are posting to things. This allows you to make communication within your team even easier and clearer,
since everybody will know what exactly you are referring to. 

The "link from comment to thing" function:

To make a link in a comment, follow these simple steps:

New bulk function "Relate to a thing"

A while ago I presented you the initial set of Refinder´s bulk operations functionality. In the meantime, the range of bulk operations got extended. In this post I´m going to focus on the new bulk function "Relate to a thing".

Bulk operations summarize all activities, which you can apply to multiple Things, like deletion or the assignment of multiple Things into a collection. 

To quickly recap how this is done:

Media management with Refinder and Dropbox

In previous posts we told you about the interaction between Refinder and Dropbox. In short: once you connect a Dropbox folder with Refinder, all your Dropbox files become Things in a collection of your choice. From here, you can share, link and comment them. Beyond that, you can not only search for Dropbox files, but even search within your Dropbox files through the Refinder search functionality. 

But what about non-textual files, like images?

New Dashboard page enhances workplace awareness

In the hectic rush of day-to-day work, employees need constant awareness of what is going on across their workplace, projects or areas of interest. For Refinder, this meant to provide a central landing page  (https://www.getrefinder.com/home/), which furnishes quick access to a highly informative and insightful snapshot of ones momentous business activities.


Search your Dropbox

No reason to evangelize collaboration without taking a closer look at how people actually do their work. One of the outstanding facts of today´s digital workplace is, that it is increasingly tied up with cloud based applications.  What has started with consumer services years ago, has spilled over into the world of business. Services like Google Docs or Dropbox are runaway success stories and deeply entrenched in the minds of the digitally enabled workforce.

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