Cluug on the iPad

Yesterday I tried Cluug on the iPad, testing how it behaves. It works like a charm, the only point where I had to get creative was with the features implemented as hover-over actions.

If you want to use Cluug on the iPad, this may help you

  • Click once on the recommendations to get the "plus" button to confirm recommendations
  • Adding the bookmarklet on the iPad needs some special steps, see below


  • add this page as bookmark on the iPad. Name it "Remember in Cluug"
  • select the following text (click into the textfield, hold the click, "select all", then hold again, "copy")
  • click "bookmarks", "edit", go to the bookmark you just added.
  • edit the address (URL) of the bookmark, replace it with the text you copied before by using "paste"
  • move the bookmarklet to the bookmark panel, it should show up in the browser
  • done