Refinder is an alternative to

Looking for an alternative for your Delicious account? I am! I have been a Delicious user since 27. April 2006, and there is news that Yahoo plans to shut down the service.

Today I moved my data from Delicious to our own product, Refinder. Refinder is an alternative for Delicious, it can keep your social bookmarks and do a lot more.


Follow these steps to move your data:

Import your Bookmarks to Refinder

Create an account on and check your email inbox to click the "activation link". Click the link and login to Refinder.

Go to

Enter your username and password of Delicious (we do not save the username or password).

Click "Import"


Refinder will no import all your bookmarks. It will not tell you when its finished, but you will notice that after some time, all your bookmarks are imported. You can go to the import page from time to time and see if it still imports.

Once started, you cannot stop this. But you can close the import page or go to other pages while the importer works. You will notice it first imports your tags as topics and then your bookmarks. Because Refinder is completly private, all your imports will be private. If you marked something private in Delicious, we will add the tag "private (from delicious)" to it. If you want to change this, you can delete that tag or rename it.

If you want to import more data, press the "Your Account" link to the top-right of Refinder, it lists all the different tools (to the right).

Browse and search your Bookmarks

Go to and browse through your delicious bookmarks.

Add new bookmarks

You can also add new bookmarks using the Refinder Bookmarklet, go here to install it:

Refinder is Limited Beta and will be commercial

Refinder is currently in limited Beta, only launched 16 days ago, on 1.12.2010. It is not finished yet. Next year we will start charging for accounts, check out our Microsoft Outlook integration and other features to learn what you get.

We wanted to add Delicious import all the time, and I wanted to put my data from Delicious over to Refinder for long. But there was no reason to hurry. That changed when we first heard the news about the planned shutdown of Delicious yesterday night (European Time). We were still on our way home from an office christmas party. After getting some sleep, today our CTO Bernhard Schandl spent two hours writing the import code. Gratulations and thanks to him and the team who are doing some optimizations right now.

Tip of the day: keep a backup of your Bookmarks from Delicious

Unrelated to our new import feature - it is always a good idea to keep a backup. If you want to backup your data of your Delicious account, go to

click "Export" (leave the "include tags" and "include my notes" checked)

We are working on a similar feature to let you export data from Refinder - you can read here for news on the backup feature.


I'm interested in giving your service a try...before I do, I'd like to know how much you anticipate charging for your service next year. I don't mind paying a fee for a great product, BUT I don't want to invest my time and "learning curve" energy into your product if the fee will be too high. Thank you in advance....

Thanks for giving Refinder a try. As we are still evaluating our pricing, we do not share it publicly right now. How much would you be willing to pay per year or month? Which Refinder feature has the greates value for you?



How does your import work?

Do I need a "real" Delicious login, that means when I've created my account with a Yahoo-ID, I have not such a "real" Delicious login? Hence, without such a "real" Delicious login I can not use their API. I guess your import service uses their API, or?

What about using the backup file that I can create from my Delicious account?

Do you also handle the related public/private settings? Because I do not want that every bookmark is public available.

A "real delicious account" works better, we did not test it with Yahoo-Delicious accounts yet.

All your bookmarks are private in Refinder. Refinder is a personal information management tool, keeping all your information safe.