Beta testers are in, signups by invitation only

Signups for our Refinder for Teams are now by invitation only. We have received tons of valuable feedback from our current users. While we work on the feedback received, you can still register and try Refinder Cloud Search. 

Thousands of users have registered since we first launched Refinder for Teams in July 2011. The first integrations we released for Refinder, the integrations of Outlook and Windows Explorer have recently been disabled. Now Refinder lets you integrate your favorite cloud apps like Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote. You can now also use Basecamp classic, Box, or SkyDrive

Refinder for Teams allows you to 


  • Organize your cloud content through collections
  • Share your content with your colleagues
  • Collaborate through comments and likes
We are going to remove the account creation possibility from our start page while we work hard to incorporate all of your feedback. Moreover, we are working on our pricing model that we are going to release soon. 

You can still invite your friends or colleagues

You can still invite your friends to join you on Refinder for Teams. Simply go to a collection and invite them through the "Manage Users" tab as you can see here:
Do you have feedback for us? We are always keen on hearing your input and feedback. Talk to us directly in the Refinder Feedback Forum.
In the meantime you can still register for Refinder Cloud Search. Simply sign up and connect your favorite cloud apps (chose from our 12 integrations) and browse through all your content, no matter where it is stored.