Refinder is built to be integrated with your enterprise systems. Refinder’s API allows you to connect different business applications and creating a workspace across your corporation. Our consultants are here to work with you to understand your processes and to support you to meet your strategic objectives.

We offer integrations to optimize workflows within CRM, ERP and HRM systems. Contact us to learn how we can improve and bring together your business processes.  


Refinder business solutions are based on your corporate infrastructure and capability.

The Refinder service is available as:

  • Software-as-a-Service in the cloud: secure and certified web service available immediately at  
  • Custom software installation hosted by Refinder: a personalized solution for you hosted on scalable Refinder servers. Contact sales to learn more.
  • In-house Installation: For large enterprises, a complete on-premise installation is possible. Contact sales to learn more.

Application connectors

Keep using the right tool for the right task. Connect your business tools and business processes with Refinder and have relations and recommendations directly at hand in your workflow. Open things related to a project or task directly from Refinder and save the effort to find them in your applications. Import data from one application, add a social layer in Refinder, and export the data to another application within your enterprise.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our custom-made application connectors.  


When rolling out social software in your environment, you can use proven methods and get things right the first time. To support your team and your organization we offer consulting services giving answers on

  • How to integrate Refinder into your company culture.
  • How to adapt management and business processes.
  • How to connect Refinder with your currently used business applications.

Consulting and rollout of refinder is done together with partners that bring many years of experience in transforming enterprise culture and helping people to benefit from collaboration plattforms.

Capability and cost effectiveness.

Refinder uses the W3C standard RDF that is also supported by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Adobe, Facebook and others. This guarantees a long-term compatability and safety of your data. On top of that, the use of RDF is cost effective as it reduces integration costs of third-party software that relies on this standard.