Why Portals like Yahoo are on the rise again


Once upon a time search engines were online portals that provided all the information you needed. Then Google emerged and changed the web forever. With the advent of apps however, the old portal concept of Yahoo might come back.

While there were many websites on the Internet, Yahoo became your one-stop-shop for all the information you needed. Weather, recipes, your e-mails, headlines, all was on Yahoo which integrated specialized services into the site.

Then Google came along and decided to link to all the wbesites out there, solely focusing on revenues from advertised search results. It is needless to say how well this worked for Google.

recent article by Techcrunch points to this past and suggests that the portals will once again come to be the search solution for the end-consumer (and the future for service providers).


"Today’s mobile and social portals offer distribution to third parties that develop content for their own platforms. In this world, the AppStore is the new Google."

It is argued that with millions of applications out there, the user is overwhelmed by the choice. While great apps exist, it is hard to find or remember them.


"Even if a perfect app exists for what I want to do, it’s too much hassle to download, install, and learn about a new app for something I’m doing just once. While there are many excellent apps today, finding the best one for my task is next to impossible."

The search engine can enable the user to find all this relevant info by integrating the content from other services.


"The answer is a combination of the two: a portal connecting us to the app most qualified to accomplish the given query."

Therefore it makes perfect sense for any service provider to develop into a portal for cloud apps that integrates the applications their customers are already using.

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