How SaaS providers earn loyal customers and turn their service into a cloud portal

We have recently shared some thoughts on apps from Techcrunch. It is hard to fight for users' attention as the number of apps on smartphones is continuously increasing.


“The average consumer uses only 15 apps per week. That means that the majority of the apps installed on the phone are for occasional use.”
Source: Techcrunch

“The average user has 65 apps installed on his phone.”
Source: Flurry

Based upon PCmag's app download figures, the number of downloads has been increasing by 48% year on year since 2008.
Source: PCmag


Mobile apps providers need to trigger regular usage. How can you improve retention and get loyal customers?


Full text search across cloud apps converts your users into loyal customers

Google says that search is the second most used activity (77%) on mobile phones. Search is even the most visited website on smartphones. When users look for information on the go, they need results fast. As their content is spread over many cloud apps, they would love to use a single search entry to get fast cloud search results.

If your service can provide full text search across cloud apps (i.e. search Dropbox, search Twitter, search Evernote, search RSS) as a feature, you will improve retention and customers will come back regularly.

Is your service ready to provide a full text search across several cloud apps? Can you avoid customer churn?


How to quickly add full text search in the cloud to your service

Refinder has developed a full text search API. It allows any developer to easily add a cloud search functionality to his applications. The goal of Refinder Cloud Search is to provide a convenient and easy-to-use search functionality.

Users can connect additional cloud services (Dropbox, Evernote, Twitter, GoogleDocs, RSS) and issue search requests. They will get search results including previews and a clickable URL to open the document.

Please find more information 
- on technical features of Refinder Cloud Search API
- on how Refinder Cloud Search works from a user's perspective.

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