Refinder deployment options

As you may know, straight from its beginnings Refinder has been designed as Software-as-a-Service. This means that the software runs, and the user data are stored, on servers managed and operated by Gnowsis. To use Refinder, you just fire up a Web browser, go to, enter your email address and password, and there you go. No need to download or install anything (except cool plugins for your desktop applications), no need to check whether your IT infrastructure (servers and workstations) meets any requirements (granted, you need a more-or-less modern Web browser and an Internet connection), you just do your work. 

SaaS has a couple of advantages for users, but also for IT administrators. As user, probably your biggest advantage is that you can use the service anywhere, anytime — whenever you have a computer with Internet connection at hand. The same is true for your collaboration partners: regardless in which time zone they are or when they are at work, Refinder is always there to help them. Further, as the software is running on servers in the cloud, it's running 24/7 and is therefore able to synchronize itself with other data sources, or to send you notification emails at any time.

For an IT administrator, SaaS also has significant advantages. First, there is no need to worry about the hardware needed to run Refinder — our operations team takes care of that. Installation and upgrades are not an issue: maybe you're surprised to hear that there is a new release of Refinder several times a week, in most cases without you ever noticing (except, of course, when we roll out new features!). Monitoring and backup are also our duties — you can rest assured that we seriously care about your data. Finally, we ensure scaling of the service: if more users register, we just add a few servers so that we have enough computing power to make everyone happy.

Although we see SaaS as the best way how Refinder can be used, we are very well aware of the fact that this is not an option for everyone. If you're interested in Refinder, but cloud-based SaaS is a no-go for you or your organization, just contact us and tell us about your deployment requirements. We are happy to hear about what you need, and we are very open to all forms of deploying Refinder to your private cloud or your data center. We should get in touch, sit down together, and think about which way to go in your case. I'm sure we will be able to find a solution that works for you! — And until that moment, you should give our SaaS service a try — without hassle, without risk.