Collections and Publishing - Refinder's 2 hottest features

We are very happy to announce that we released 2 new features: Collections and Publishing



Collections make it possible to bring together relevant things from different applications. This makes it easier to orientate yourself within your stuff in Refinder and view all relevant emails, documents, events or websites listed in one place. Still, you are free to relate the items within your collections to other things in Refinder. Be it a meeting preparation, a research topic or something you're generally interested in - put it into collection!

Collections are here to help you to keep the overview on all the things you acquire.





If you want to create a new collection, simply add emails, files, contacts, calendar entries or websites to Refinder by using Refinder's connectors. To the right side, in the "In Collections" section, you can then add a thing to a collection. Refinder will show you your recently used collections as a suggestion. You can also search for other collections by typing in key words or set up a new collection with one click.


If you're not sure whether your thing should be part of a collection at all, just add it to Refinder and come back to it later.




When collecting interesting pieces of information to a certain topic, meeting or task, you can benefit by showing your collection to other people. For this, you can now publish your individual collections as a web page and forward it to others — either by using a hyperlink, a Facebook post or as a Tweet.



Not so far from now, it will be possible to actively share things and collaborate with other users. So stay tuned!


Please keep in mind: Refinder is a BETA version and the features will perform slowly at the moment. But we loved the idea to share this features with you as soon as possible. Collections and Publishing are pretty fresh so they might still have some bugs or misbehave sometimes. We're doing our best to keep everything work properly and are looking forward for your feedback - either at our feedback forum or tweet us you opinion @Refinder.



Our new features are waiting to be explored by you! Go to Refinder.


Good point. I hadn't tohught about it quite that way. :)