Privacy and Security in Refinder

We at Gnowsis understand that your data is a valuable good. Your data may be a critical factor for your business, and you rightfully take care of your private stuff. Certain parts of your data (like emails or business documents) are for sure not to be seen by others, and we respect this. Most importantly, your data will not be visible to any other user.

Accounts on our platform run on one server farm, but the data they contain are completely separated. You will not see any data of other users, and no other user will be able to see any of your data. There is one exception to this rule: certain recommendations may be given by external services, like DBpedia or Google Web search. For this purpose, Refinder needs to send some excerpts from your data (e.g., key phrases or the most frequent words) to these services. However, these services are activated only when you select "More" in the "Recommended" tab; they are never activated without your explicit action. To be sure, you can completely disable these external services in your account settings

Another important thing is deleting data. When you delete a thing in Refinder, you can be sure its gone. We don't keep historic versions of your data (except for backup purposes, see below). We are working on a feature that will allow you to delete all your data, in a reliable way. Since Refinder is a Web-based service, your data are stored on our servers. Refinder is hosted on high-capacity data centers in Germany, which are equipped with fire warning systems and 24/7 camera monitoring. Our servers are locked using state-of-the-art security, and are configured so that only selected employees of Gnowsis can access them. Any access to your data by one of our employees is logged and must be judged. No employee is allowed to look on any of your data without your explicit permission. Additionally, we store encrypted offsite backups in a data center in Ireland, which we only use if we have to restore the system due to emergency situations.

At the moment, communication between your computer and the Refinder service is done without encryption. However we are working on the implementation of highly secure encrypted communication, so that no third party will be able to intercept any data exchanged between you and us. This applies both to the Web application as well as to other applications that are integrated with Refinder. Our privacy policy explains in more detail what we do with your usage data. If you have any questions concerning your data privacy and security, please don't hesitate to contact us -- we will be happy to help.